From the recording Light Up The World (single)

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Light Up The World

As the snow falls to the ground
Icicles form all around
On this chilly winter night
I still feel warm inside
I can’t wait to see your face
So hitch a ride on Santa’s sleigh
The one flight they can’t delay

Light up the world it’s Christmas Time
Let all the joy (all the joy) in our hearts shine
Brighter than all of the stars up in the sky
It’s Christmas and you’re mine
Light up the world

We’ll hang the stockings by the fire
Toss on tinsel untangle wires
Hum along to deck the halls
Tape cards up on the wall
Santa’s on a shopping spree
But there’s just one thing that I need
Have Rudolph bring you here to me


I’ll wait for you under the mistle-toe
Any minute you’ll be coming home