From the recording Red Suits Black Boots

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It's a party on the rooftop for Santa! Grab your red suits and black boots!


Red Suits, Black Boots
By Maureen Russell & Tracey Graham

Verse 1
We dragged that tree up four long flights of stairs
Dressed it up in tinsel and lights
Sang off key carols in the crisp clean air
But we’re not singing Silent Night

Dressed in our red suits and our black boots

On the roof throwin Santa a Party
Inviting the nice and the naughty

It’s a long flight from the north pole
Bust out the cookies and wine
We’re in our red suits and our black boots baby tonight
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh, Baby tonight

Verse 2
Lights flash so he’ll know it’s the place to stop
There’s no charge to valet the sleigh
Wake up the neighbors (even) call the cops
Everyone is heading this way

In their red suits, and their black boots



Sliding down chimneys ain’t much fun
But this year when his work is done